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2010-09-29 02:09:04 by fluxxer

Hello people of the NG World....i have made a little animation and is already on NG but only i have been rating the animation....praticaly alone i achieved a rating of 3.51, so plz help me....see my animation, tell your friends and vote in it ok???


Posts Posts Posts!!!!

2010-01-24 11:00:31 by fluxxer

yep im posting now....i kinda feel like a real newgrounds user because im posting more now hehe i was a slacker in terms of posting and voting i dont know i am a member since i guess january 2008 maybe??? and im only on level 6, i bet you guys in 2 years have reached a much better leveling and for me its kinda shame hehe but the show must go on right?!?! so i will do my best to be a better newgrounds member!!

by folks!

2ยบ post! hurray!!!!

2010-01-18 18:24:09 by fluxxer

hey folks its me again hehe my second post!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!!! im so proud of myself for doing this hehe, now i wanna know yur thoughts people like they sey "I give a dollar for your thoughts!" now tell then to me i wanna know then hehe its all for today!!!

bye folkss hehe!!!!

first post YEAHHHH

2009-07-19 19:25:33 by fluxxer

Hey Folks!
thats my first post here on newgrounds hehe....i know i am a little late in posts but i don't have de patience to keep writing posts but today i decided to make my firs post here it is.

Bye folks!